Life of Love Ministries

Teaching Believers to Live a Life of Love

“What would you have me do,” The Lord asked me. 
I replied, “I’m constantly hurt by rude comments, I live in a perpetual state of being crushed by people’s expectations.  They are ugly and demanding, I’m having trouble loving those I’m supposed to serve.  Help me to love like you love, Lord.”
– And a great adventure began, as The Lord taught and led me to Love, as He loves.
-Rhonda Johnson


Our article sources vary from sermons prepared for churches, items in the news, to comments heard in the grocery store, but every article is intended to minister and speak into your life. We pray every week that the words that go out are God’s answer to your felt needs.



Hear conversations with a variety of guests.  Informative, comforting, instructional, at times challenging, and always Biblically sound.  Life of Love Ministries Podcasts are candid discussions, from casual to in-depth opinions and testimonies of God’s incomparable ways


Bible Studies

We offer original, engaging, Bible Studies several times a year. Our attendees have expressed how their relationship with The Lord has deepened, they have gained interesting information, and made new friends at the LOL Bible Studies.